Bertie County, North Carolina is the ideal location for companies that are using science to increase production and possibilities for the world’s agricultural producers. Our rich agricultural land produces abundant inputs, including cotton, peanuts, clary sage, sweet potatoes, tobacco, soybeans, timber, livestock, and other commodities — and it creates a market for what today’s specialty agricultural providers are creating, from pest control products, to animal feed, to eco-friendly consumer products.

A great local example is botanical extraction firm Avoca, whose solvent extraction facility buys thousands of acres of clary sage from local farmers and uses it to extract, concentrate, crystallize, and blend a variety of products for other manufacturers and consumers. Our K-12 and postsecondary educators support the agriscience sector with programs designed to deliver the knowledge and skills employers need. For example, Bertie Early College has secured $200,000 in grant funding to supply an N.C. State poultry lab with a non-commercially available immune protein, giving students transferable practical experience.

Bertie County supports those efforts with resources that include a skilled workforce of more than 230,000 within an hour, an abundance of fresh water, and low electric and natural gas rates. Plus, our road and rail transportation infrastructure makes it easy to move finished product nationally and globally!