Bertie County, North Carolina is the accessible, affordable gateway to a bustling economy that’s at the center of the mid-Atlantic and southeast. Within 500 miles, you’ll find 101 million consumers. In less than a half-day’s drive, you’ll be at the doorstep of several of the nation’s busiest deep-water ports. Best of all, Bertie County’s extensive transportation infrastructure makes it easy to get what you need or ship what you make, which is why we’re an excellent site for manufacturers, food processors, and other companies. That quick access is also great for tourists and local residents.

The North Carolina & Virginia Railroad (NCVA) connects with CSX Transportation and uses 135 miles of track to serve customers in Bertie County and elsewhere along its routes. This highly customer-focused railroad provides 5- to 7-day service for commodities such as steel plate, steel scrap, soybeans, chemicals and fertilizer.

Divided U.S. Highways 13 and 17 provide fast connections to network of highways along the Eastern Seaboard, connecting with the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeast regions. The highway corridor though our area from Raleigh to Hampton Roads (along the U.S. 17 and 64 routes) has been proposed as a future primary Interstate corridor, enhancing commercial development potential.

Those highway connections provide fast access to for shipping raw materials, agricultural commodities, and finished goods from the deep-water ports at Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Richmond, Virginia, as well as Morehead City and Wilmington, North Carolina. With the widening of the Panama Canal, these East Coast ports are poised to become prime destinations for Asian shipments.