Bertie County, North Carolina’s location makes our area the accessible, affordable gateway to the mid-Atlantic and southeast for companies that turn agricultural inputs into consumer products. After all, there are 101 million consumers within 500 miles of our county’s rich, highly productive agricultural land. With plenty of convenient road and rail transportation and deep-water ports within a two hour drive on divided highways, it’s easy for food and fiber producers to reach their markets.

Home to a large Perdue Farms poultry processing facility, Bertie County is also known for production of cotton, peanuts, clary sage, sweet potatoes, tobacco, soybeans, timber, livestock, and other commodities. That means both producers and packagers are close to the inputs they need. We’re also home to “grow local” producers offering consumers and restaurateurs a variety of fruit, vegetables, jams, goat cheeses, and organic foods. We also have a farm with only pasture-raised beef, lamb and pork. Our climate is ideal for growing hops to serve the booming craft beer industry. Plus, we can grow sorghum, a nutritious animal feed, instead of importing corn from the Midwest.

Beyond agricultural products, our resources include a skilled workforce of more than 230,000 within an hour, an abundance of fresh water, and low electric and natural gas rates for affordable production and storage. K-12 and postsecondary schools support employers with programs focused on job readiness.