Bertie County, North Carolina’s location makes our area the accessible, affordable gateway to the mid-Atlantic and southeast. Within 500 miles, you’ll find 101 million American consumers. With less than a two hour drive, your products will be at several of the nation’s busiest deep-water ports. Plus, our extensive transportation infrastructure, including divided highways and a customer-focused railroad, will get you there quickly!

Besides our outstanding transportation access, manufacturers will appreciate our area’s low land costs, as well an extensive, affordable utility capacity. With extensive fresh water capacity and plenty of electric power at competitive rates, as well as 20+ years of landfill space, Bertie County can accommodate even the largest and most demanding new facilities. Our portfolio of resources (and local industrial base) is well-suited for woodworking, milling, and cabinetry providers; companies that mold and form plastic components and packaging; and assembly operations.

With more than 230,000 workers living within an hour of the county, we have a ready workforce — along with K-12 and postsecondary educators who are focused on developing and strengthening the skills local employers need. They offer programs for today’s in-demand skills, from welding and HVAC-R, to engineering and more, and can deliver customized training at employer facilities.