Bertie County, North Carolina is rich with resources to support businesses that want to grow. Many of those resources are natural, including some of the Eastern Seaboard’s most productive agricultural land, a wealth of fresh water and sunshine, and climate with a long growing season. Other resources are man-made, such as more than 230,000 skilled workers within an hour’s drive, a transportation network that connects companies with both sources and customers, and a utility infrastructure that can accommodate the most demanding businesses with plenty of headroom for future growth.

No matter how many acres your company needs, and whether you need access to road or rail transportation, Bertie County has prime sites that are ready for development and delightfully affordable. From manufacturing to food processing, from residential to retail, you’ll find the right ground to turn your plans into successful realities. Looking for an existing building with a ready workforce? Bertie County has a 30,000-square-foot spec building in move-in condition.

Share your needs and preferences with our professionals, and we’ll identify the right site or building for you. We’ll also connect you with our partners at our region’s utilities, in state and local government, and in other companies that can provide support for your needs.

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