Bertie County, North Carolina’s utilities have earned a reputation for affordability and customer service. Just as important, they have plenty of capacity to meet the requirements of nearly any business — including the often-challenging needs of companies in the food, agriscience, and manufacturing industries.

In particular, Bertie County’s most abundant resource is fresh water, thanks to its geography. Today, the county’s water supply provides excess capacity of NEED million gallons per day, so it’s already prepared to accommodate even the largest and most demanding new facilities.

With plenty of electric power available, Bertie County is able to handle the largest commercial loads, such as cold storage facilities that need megawatts of reliable, 24-hour power. If your company has unusually large demands for utility resources, contact us, and we’ll show you how Bertie County can supply your needs — and do so in a very affordable way.

Roanoke Electric is expanding Bertie County’s fiber-optic infrastructure over the next decade that will enable technology service providers and ISP’s to provide the broadband services.